Negotio – A Smarter Way to Shop

by | Jun 10, 2019

Introducing a REVOLUTIONARY new way of shopping!

We’ve just released our new Negotio app on Shopify!

For Shopify store owners who have installed the Negotio app, a new button appears on each product page that is labeled “Make Your Offer Now“, and it allows you to enter a price that you are willing to pay for a specific item. When you submit your offer price, it will either be Accepted, Counter-Offered, or declined.  

If the offer is accepted, then you can simply click the button to add to your cart at YOUR new price! You just negotiated a discount on this item and may purchase it at your price. 

If your offer is countered, then you can add the item to your cart at the counter-offer price, which is still less than the marked price – so you still get a deal.

For offers that are substantially below the price a seller is willing to sell the item, your offer will be declined. But you are more than welcome to place another offer.

Check out our Shop directory for a growing list of Shopify stores that have our Negotio app enabled – so you can get the best deals possible on all sorts of items!

Have fun shopping! 



Anthony Sanchez